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august 2013 // desktop calendar.

happy august!

we’ve spent quite a bit of our summer traveling, and have another big trip to montana next week! i’m so looking forward to retreating to the mountains for a while before school starts + things get crazy again. :-)

this month’s desktop calendar is a snapshot from our trip to marfa last week for the viva big bend music festival. it was taken on the road between marfa + fort davis. we were driving up to see a free show, and loved the stormy landscape so much, i had to pull over for a quick photo op! #photographerprobs

haha anyway, i’d like to think it’s very fitting for all of you graduated seniors heading off to college this month! many adventures ahead await you!

august 2013 calendar

to download: click on image, then select your preferred size (i recommend the original). right click and select “save as desktop background”.

note: all images and elements © madisoncary. you may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way, but please feel free to download for your own personal use. if you share on your own blog–because i’d be totally honored!–be sure to link with love and send them my way. :-)



  1. Terry DuBose

    There are some smaller ones toward the Rio Grande, SW of San Antonio, that show the surface winds blowing lower clouds west-southwest, and the tops of the larger/taller clouds blowing off to the NE. Interesting. Terry

  2. Terry DuBose

    Madison, my PC fried chips on the motherboard and I lost almost everything, including the calendar. Please send us your dates to come here for ACL Fest; I am rebuilding my calendar. Thanks.

    Hope you are doing well. Terry

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