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june monthly faves + an apology.

okay friends, it’s clear i’ve totally slacked in the “i’m gonna blog regularly!” department.

i’m sending you my deepest apologies, dear interwebs.

i’m not going to give a super important or polished reason on why i’ve been MIA, or even attempt to explain myself in order to feel better, because let’s just get real. i flat out didn’t plan or make the time do them…ruh roh raggie.

and not that i expect so many of you are hanging on my every word + wit, because let’s face it, i’m not THAT cool.

maybe we should just set some expectations. or rather, remove the invisible ones that i’ve set in place; the ones that you totally can’t see, yet i’m breaking under their pressure?

so, let’s start with this:

i, the all-over-the-place (and who clearly needs to get her act together) author of this blog will NOT promise you anything.

daily posts? yeah, right. i wish!

weekly? maybe–when i feel like conquering the world.

random + sporadic with no particular organized calendar? nailed it.

yes, i’ll continue to post about sessions (which i’m obviously super behind on), but the everything-in-between posts will be a little unpredictable, like a non-committal junior high relationship. do i even want to hang out with you today…or……?

you get what i mean…i think.

okay, now that THAT is out in the open, let’s get back to something fun!

by request, i have decided to bring back my 5 friday favorites! woohoo!

however, this time it will be slightly different. different as in they will be monthly favorites, because once a week is too much commitment for my inner pre-teen.

anyway, i’m so excited to share my new loves of the month with you, and hope you enjoy them as well!

madisoncary monthly faves

1. acapulco yellow chair. // 2. tone it up! // 3. larabars. // 4. kinfolk magazine. // 5. lorde. // 6. maaji swimwear. // 7. seven by jen hatmaker. // 8. impassioned lipstick by mac. // 9. inside out magazine.

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