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kiwi boutique | spring 2013.

kiwi boutique spring outfits midland texas womens clothing

kiwi boutique spring fashion midland texas

last week, i grabbed a couple of my seniors who were in town for an impromptu shoot featuring one of my partners, kiwi boutique. psst! they are having a sidewalk sale saturday march 23rd from 11-4pm!

as a small business owner, i am realizing that supporting one another in the pursuit of building our own successful businesses is SO important!

kiwi boutiqe fashion models spring outfits

so, how did kiwi boutique and i connect? long-story short, co-owner tawni and i graduated high school together, and then recently reconnected through a local antique shop i was photographing items for, the place where her boutique is currently located! each month i would feature one of the shop’s vendors, and when tawni approached me to photograph the clothing and jewelry in her shop, i suggested we just make a fashion shoot out of it!Β  and from there, the conversation of a partnership began.

spring outfit shoot fashion midland texas boutique

spring fashion models kiwi boutique midland texas

midland texas boutique spring fashion

spring fashion midland tx boutiques

spring fashion midland texas kiwi boutique

now, as a part of my senior model program (you can learn about what this is here), my senior models will model kiwi’s clothes in upcoming fashion shoots, seasonal lookbooks and other fun events we plan to produce for their boutique! yeah, you could say we are pretty excited about it.

spring fashion model midland texas boutique

spring fashion midland texas kiwi boutique

spring outfits fashion model midland texas boutique

so, how do you establish a relationship with another local business, in hopes of creating some sort of partnership?

contact the owners, set up a meeting, and just go for it!

simple. as. that.

by clearly explaining the intentions of working together, and pointing out the benefits they’d receive in the partnership, that’s the basics of what it takes to get the conversation started!

bounce ideas off one another! it’s truly exciting what you can come up with when compiling multiple creative minds (and budgets)!

fashion model spring outfits midland texas boutique

so if you are a small business owner, i highly recommend taking that jump to partner up with another local business who has a similar target market! you never know what you may come up with!


oh, and one of my girls’ boyfriends (who also loves photography + videography) came along to learn a little about lighting and photographing in manual. i didn’t know how much fun it is to teach someone! it also made me realize i know more than i thought i did! :-)

so, of course, i had to snap quick photo of the two of them together.

couple photos midland texas photographer

too cute.


  1. Betty

    Love the pictures and the clothes. The clothes look so cool and comfortable, besides being cute! I always love looking at your settings. Very creative!

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