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moodboard monday.

happy monday!

i don’t know about you, but this warm spring weather has me itching to jump in the garden and get my hands dirty!

i’ve always been intrigued by the idea of living off the land. especially after spending time in montana a couple of summers ago. i feel there is something special about the way we can cultivate and harvest our nutrition. and zach’s equivalent--a little more manly i suppose–would be the satisfaction of bringing home meat after a long day’s hunt.

organic + chemical free. unharmed + natural.

after all this house reno stuff, my goal this summer is to have a garden full of yummy herbs and healthy veggies. and yes, be prepared for me to unexpectedly stop by your house bearing gits of our over-abundance in homemade salsa. if you’d like to be on that list, let me know. :-)

at our previous house, we put a lot of work into transforming our front yard into a drought tolerant landscape. we did everything from pulling out water-sucking ground cover and tall bushes to dumping multiple wheel-barrels of crushed granite and planting colorful succulents.

did i mention i raked 8 contractor-sized trash bags of acorns, leaves and debris from those flowerbeds? yes. EIGHT!

i loved working in the yard over there, but being on a slightly busier street than a typical neighborhood, i felt like i didn’t have the privacy i wanted when i’d sweep the porch or water our yellow lantana. let’s just say the multiple car honks of people whizzing by were interrupting my zen-like focus.

anyway, because i’m feeling inspired to garden, here’s a little moodboard of images, colors + textures i put together from pinterest.

moodboard garden colors photo

feel free to pin and share!

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