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senior style | spring break.

in just a few short hours spring break will officially be here! well, for all of you school-goers anyway…

and that means some of you might be vacationing to a place with warmer, tropical weather and those gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches.

yeah, it’s safe to say that i’m pretty jealous of a lot of you right now.

so, as a way to live vicariously through all you spring break beach bums, here are some fun beach-y outfit ideas you can use as you are packing for your trip, or to incorporate into your wardrobe for your senior session!

spring break style

with a simple pair of jean shorts, bring in the colors of the sunset by adding springy pops of color with your shirt and accessories, all while finishing the look with some sandy neutral tones like these cute TOMS wedges and an over-sized cardigan.

and if you are feeling really adventurous, i would even throw a fun hat or bag into the mix!

. . . . .

how would you dress for your ideal spring break at the beach?

share your thoughts.

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