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senior style | emerald green.

with it being march and all–and st. patty’s day lingering just around the corner–i thought i’d do a style post with this year’s PANTONE color of the year: EMERALD GREEN.

during my childhood, i remember days when i would dream i was dorothy in the wizard of oz, visiting the glamorous green city with my toto, sparky; our family cairn terrier.

as you guys know, i love me some mustard yellow. clearly. but sometimes i MAY or MAY NOT have a color love affair with ol’ mr. green. sorry, colonel mustard…no hard feelings.

when i think of green, it reminds me of things like spring, nature, energy, life + growth.

there is something revitalizing yet calming about the color green, don’t you think?

for outfit ideas, try dressing up a plain t-shirt and jeans with emerald accents in your accessories, like my favorite pair of feather earrings!
emerald green feather earrings


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