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brittany + john mark | engagements 2013.

as one might get to know me, they discover my love for two great towns in texas: marfa + austin.

the environment, music and food are just a few of the reasons why i love those places, so as you can imagine–with a completely healthy love for geographical locations, of course–we try to visit them every chance we get.

recently, my sweet cousin and her fiance who live in houston–you might recognize them from this–asked me to photograph their engagements in the place that was a significant mile marker in their relationship: AUSTIN.

like i’d say no! i love getting the chance to travel and photograph somewhere new! and it was perfect timing because my best fran–whom i would see maybe once a year–and her main squeeze just relocated there. hellllllloooooo, road trip!

in between playing double dutch with the large waves of people on the sidewalks of congress, we stopped at a favorite eatery where they had their first date, and made our way downtown to a mural nodding to marriage and my favorite holiday.

here are a few images from our time together!

couples engagement photoshoot austin texas

couples engagement photoshoot on congress in austin texas

couples engagement photography austin texas

couples engagement shoot in homeslice pizza austin texas

homeslice pizza photoshoot austin texas

couples engagement shoot homeslice pizza austin texas

til death do us part mural austin texas engagement shoot

til death do us part skulls mural downtown austin engagement shoot

downtown austin engagement photography

engagement shoot downtown austin

downtown austin texas engagement shoot with old payphone

brittany + john mark, i had so much fun seeing you both and capturing the love you have for one another! thanks again for asking me to be a part of your journey towards marriage in this small way! :-) love you guys!

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