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senior style | black + white graphics.

as a portrait photographer of senior girls, you can imagine–like the grinch getting ready for the who-bilation–there is always one question that everyone asks as they prepare for their session: BUT, WHAT WOULD I WEAR?

no fear! i am here to help you decipher what works and what doesn’t, all while ensuring that it photographs well and you feel completely confident in it!

with that being said, i’d like to introduce you to another new blog series that i like to call senior style.

in these posts, i’ll be writing about–yep, you guessed it--all things fashion.

from incorporating the latest trends to polishing off your look with the important details, i hope this series inspires and gives direction to my seniors as they plan for our time together. and if you aren’t a senior, but love fashion trends and outfit selection, i hope you continue reading, and feel free to add your two cents to the conversation!

so, jumping right in, let’s get down to business.


i love this trend because no matter your skin tone, body type or hair color, anyone and everyone can wear black and white! you can go as crazy or as subtle as you want with it.

here are some fun pieces to get you inspired!

2013 black and white graphic fashion trend
try some aztec print leggings with a plain white tee, black leather jacket, combat boots,
and top it off with a polka dot scarf!

share your thoughts.

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