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michele + michael | engagements.

i love how the photography business allows you to meet clients who become new friends, as well as to reconnect with old friends you haven’t seen in ages.

meet michele + michael, an adorable–and did i mention newly engaged!–couple i’ve known since high school.

midland texas engagement, madisoncary photography

i feel like there is something particularly special about high school sweethearts.

as cheesy as that may sound like a plot for a typical rom-com (thanks for the new word hus-band!) movie, i believe that it’s a huge testament to the deep commitment and connection for one another in a relationship.

being married to my high school sweetheart myself, i know i can definitely say that i’m not entirely the same person i used to be when i walked up and down those high school hallways. because let’s be honest, people change!

sometimes that change causes people to grow apart. and that’s okay. because it happens.

but other times, even when a relationship is tested by change or distance or what-have-you, sometimes that love for one another prevails above all else. love wins.

it’s beautiful and divine thing.

and let’s just say i’m obsessed with how cute these two high school sweethearts are!

midland texas engagements, madisoncary photography

midland texas engagements, madisoncary photography

midland texas engagements, midland texas photographer, madisoncary

midland texas photographer, madisoncary, engaged couple on ranch

engaged couple trees texas ranch sunset

i am so honored that you guys asked me to photograph this special moment in your lives. and i am so excited for you two and the future that lies ahead! married life is a fun, crazy, exciting, sometimes stressful journey that allows us to walk alongside our very best friend.


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