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in progress.

it’s been a while since i’ve shared our house remodel project with you all.

boy, are you in for a treat. :-)

since my last post, when we were starting demolition, we’ve made a lot of headway.

we have:

– taken up all of the flooring except for the bathrooms and the master bedroom.

– removed a wall in between the formal living room and den and replaced it with an engineered beam.

– taken down old wood paneling, bookshelves/cabinets and a brick fireplace.

– refaced the fireplace with texas limestone.

– put up new drywall.

– re-textured the main living, kitchen, hall and my studio.

– started prepping to paint everything a bright, clean white.

– purchased 2000 sq feet of engineered wood flooring. (merry christmas, babe!)

whew! i think that’s where we are at right now.

and no, we didn’t do it ALL ourselves. i mean, we are happy to leave some things–like taking out a main support wall–to the pros.

right now, we have a construction dumpster parked in the driveway, and are hauling out the last of the old tile flooring and rolled up carpet. yes!

we are prepared to paint the main living room this weekend! yippee!

with our windows taped off and no light shining through, you’d almost think we are trying to hide something from the outside world–or a more logical answer…preparing for an alien invasion, perhaps?

we aren’t, but guests won’t be surprised when then step through the front door and see our hideous mess of a construction site.

did i mention we are living here during all of this?

yes. our master bedroom is basically where we live… 24/7. we eat, sleep, watch tv, and at one point, my studio was set up in there for a few days. eesh. talk about cabin fever.

surprisingly, we’ve managed to make great strides working side-by-side, without the feeling of wanting to pull each other’s hair out. i’ve been told that a couple who remodels together, stays together, right? :-)Β or maybe it’s because while he’s been basically jack-hammering the tile, i’ve been prepping the walls for paint with the help of phoenix, the black keys and adele.


i think laying our flooring in the next couple of weeks will truly be the test!

i’ll let you know how that goes.

but for now, here are a few shots of our progress. stay tuned for more soon!


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