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thanksgiving 2012 | mlaluikens style.

no, that is not a typo. let me explain:

mladenka (me) + luikens (him) = mlaluikens (pronounced MUH-luikens)

a little late for this thanksgiving post, i know, but i wanted to share a few fun photos from our time together with both of our families over the thanksgiving holiday.

from some tasty deep-fried turkey to the cutest red raider cheerleader you’ll ever meet, here’s a taste of how we spent our holiday a few weeks ago.


it’s not a family gathering at the mladenka household without 4 dogs, a frisbee & a pellet gun for recreational squirrel hunting.

serious engineer–aka way-over-my-head–convos over fried turkey and pistachios.


OH. EM. GEEEEEEE. cutest thing ever!

naughty scooter. tsk, tsk.

adorable orr family!

yep, this just about sums up our relationship. ha.

hope you all had a happy thanksgiving with your families!




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