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semmelbeck family.

mark + roc’c + sharee + chris = the semmelbecks.

words cannot express how much i simply adore this wonderful family.

oh, and did i mention they are like the partridge family?  from singing to playing every instrument in the book, each one of them is musically inclined. yup.

mark and roc’c are such an adorable couple that still have that high school sweetheart crush for one another. thank you for being such an example in life and marriage! :-)

sharee convinced me that belmont university was where i wanted to be, and from there, it sparked an amazing friendship that i greatly cherish. she’s off sharing her voice and talent with children as a kipp school music teacher.

chris and i have known each other for a long time, and have been good friends since our early high school days. his band, seryn, is one of the most talented group of people i’ve met. i can’t wait to see where they go as they grow in their musicianship and journey in making some incredible things together. be sure to check them out on itunes.

from mini dance parties to laser beams, our time together over thanksgiving break was entertaining to say the least. ;-)

here are some of my favorites!


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